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Full-Body Waxing and Beauty Solutions

Make your salon the place to go for full-body waxing and beauty solutions. Kera-Ban Wax Products offers top-quality body waxing products you can use to strip your customers of their unwanted hair. This product is handcrafted for wholesale or retail. Make your purchase today, and make sure to add our waxing accessories to your order. 

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We have waxing strips, hot wax, and wood spatulas for application. Order our high-quality wax in a glass or plastic jar. 

Wax Products
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Since 1929, we've led the way when it comes to body grooming and hair removal, always providing innovative new products. 

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Learn the best ways to remove hair from your body using our special wax, wax strips, and wooden spatulas.


Order full-body wax, spatulas, and muslin strips for your salon and business.
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Muslin Waxing Strips

Muslin Waxing Strips

Small Wood Spatulas

Wood Spatulas

Kera-ban Wax

Kera-Ban Wax

Fast Wax Clean-Up

Fast Wax Clean-Up


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