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Kera-Ban Wax Products was created in 1929, replacing the old-style wax-type formulas (sugaring) used to remove hair from the human body. In 1960, we achieved a scientific breakthrough and created an entirely new product for hair removal, employing a plasticizing technique. The resulting product became a plasticized cosmetic epilating formula, which replaced "old-time" wax formulas. This product was far less costly to use, as it offered easier application and far less wax per use. In 1992, we added a breakthrough formula to enhance hair grip and hair pull power with less wax application, thus decreasing your cost.

Kera-Ban hair removal wax is made of tree sap, and it is formulated to have instant skin release and extraordinary strong hair grip and pulling power. Kera-Ban epilating formula contains no honey or sugar, thus assuring greater hair grip and hair pull power. Compare Kera-Ban full body wax with other competitors and you will see that our wax will exceed your expectations while saving you time and money.